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Dr. Garibov is proficient in all aspects of surgical periodontal care and makes excellent patient experience in his office a top priority. After completing the residency program, he received specialized clinical training in lasers for periodontal surgical care. Laser therapy (LANAP®) to treat periodontal disease has been proven by peer-reviewed studies to be a less-invasive alternative to conventional periodontal surgery while delivering comparable results.

Vancouver WA Periodontist - Mikhail Garibov DDS
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Laser Periodontal Surgery Specialist

One of the Few LANAP® Certifed Clinicians in Vancouver, WA

The LANAP® Laser Treatment for gum disease is the only FDA-cleared, laser periodontitis surgery histologically and scientifcally proven to work. The procedure allows our experienced team to treat periodontal disease more effectively than with traditional surgical methods. Additionally, this innovative laser gum treatment can offer a more comfortable experience for our patients.

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